Sophianic Symphony * Creation Story

A narration by Renee S LeBeau of how the transmission, Sophianic Symphony came to life and into form through her unique Cosmic lens.

Chaos Is My Truth

The artistry of Sophia’s chaotic creation shared through the lens of Laura McConnell and Renee S LeBeau.

Sophianic Symphony Track 1
 Accepting Purification
A sonic invitation to enter a space of deep cleansing, initiation and sacred restoration.

Sophianic Symphony Track 2
Reclaiming Innocence
A call to accept the seed codes of this transmission through an open heart.

Sophianic Symphony Track 3
Kaleidoscopic Corrections
With the weaving of Her vibrational energies, one’s original memories are accessed.

Sophianic Symphony Track 4
Synchronizing Breath
Breathing life back into the eternal now.

Sophianic Symphony Track 5
Cosmic Heart Merge
The primal force of love through stabilization and magnetic breath.

Sophianic Symphony Track 6
Aether & Trinity Waves
Catalyzing the creation of trinity waves and aether within your expanded human expression and a completion of this transmission.