Acoustic Alchemy events are opportunities for restoring your original soul harmonics.  This is alchemy is achieved through vibration, frequency, tone and intention. Utilizing tibetan bowls, tingshas, crystal bowls, alchemy bowls, handpans, percussive instruments and vocals, the body and being are retuned. 

Each experience is unique.  It begins with the creation of a sacred intimate space win which deep transformation, transmutation and trancendance is possible. The benefits include shifts in clarity, inner awareness, greater harmony and joy.  After 13 years of touring in the US and in 5 countries, these events will be offered for healing retreats and wellness centers.

To inquire send an email.

“Renee is an amazing acoustic alchemist. Within an hours time, she had the ability to completely transform the frequency of her audience. We have had the privilege of hosting her at Yoga West in Grand Junction, CO. I highly recommend Renee as a featured presenter and for private sessions.”
Joseph Rolley
Owner, Yoga West LLC
“Each second of this acoustic event was a hymn to conscious awareness. Every aspect of it was food for the soul; from the mindful way she set the space with a mandala of colorful yoga mats, playing the tibetan bowls and vocalizing with the crystal bowls. She guided us in gentle waves of resonance and celestial energies to set us free and dance us home to the truth within our own heart.”
Kathleen Threet
Bowen Practitioner
"In her acoustic alchemy events, Renee creates a bridge between realities to bring you into energetic balance. While experiencing the acoustic journey, I have felt myself in other places and sensing through a heightened lens of awareness through my body. The sound takes me through inner memories and unlocks and alchemizes what is hidden through a spiral-like sequence. By the end of each event, I always have a sense of completion and peace, even if I can’t consciously comprehend what just happened."
Melanie Pawlysyzn
Transition Coach