Oracle Sessions
30-45 minute Transmission
In person or via Zoom

  • Assists you in removing blocks and uncovering your own truth. 
  • Catalyzes the energy that is asking to come up
  • Creates a clear communication stream between you and your High Self, aspects and Infinite Self.
  • Includes the use of card decks and light language activations.

Restoration Package * 3 Sessions
75-90 minutes/each

  • Stabilizes your core expression in human form
  • Creates greater coherency in your self expression
  • Releases trauma in the quantum field through all incarnations
  • Updates your unique guidance field
  • Assists in re-tuning you to your original harmonics (essence)
  • Generates more ease for you to flow with who you are becoming
  • Includes support via Telegram during the program.

All 3 sessions must be completed within 6 weeks of booking.

Synergy Sessions
60-75 Minutes

  • An energetic tune-up for those who have received sessions or group facilitation from me.
  • Assistance with aligning your body, heart and mind with your original soul essence.
  • Identifying and releasing the distortions in your holographic field.
  • Awakening to your soul’s purpose and innate gifts.
  • Embodying your inner knowing (gnosis) or innate essence generates a more expansive flow in your human expression.