Oracle Sessions
30-45 minute Transmission
In person or via Zoom

Assists you in removing blocks and uncovering your own truth.
Includes the use of various card decks and light language activations.

Restoration Package of 3 Sessions
75-90 minutes

* Stabilizes your core expression in human form
* Create greater coherency in your self expression
* Release trauma from all incarnations
* Clean up the guidance field
* Assist in retuning you to your original harmonics (essence)
* Create more space for you to flow with who you are becoming

Synergy Sessions

Synergy Sessions are an energetic tune-up for those who have received sessions or group facilitation from me.
Embodiment is the key to aligning your body, heart and mind.  I assist in releasing the distortions in the hologram to align with the person’s original soul essence. Awakening to your innate essence creates more flow in your human expression.