Synergy Sessions

Synergy Sessions – $222

Synergy Sessions focus on shifting the distortions in the hologram to align with the person’s original essence. To facilitate greater expansion, awakening and wholeness by inhabiting your human form. Creates greater choice in all aspects of your life by:

  • Releasing stuck energy – thoughts, feelings, emotions, judgments
  • De-conditioning the mind
  • Shifting your story out of polarized duality and limiting roles.
  • Alchemizing locked in family and ancestral programs
  • Enhancing your relationship with Source/Creation
  • Inviting your shadow aspects to return to you creating a state of wholeness
  • Embodying your unique essence
  • Restoring the resonance between your being and body
  • Removing entities and attachments

Create a shift in your consciousness towards wholeness: brain wave shifts; neuro-chemical and DNA activations; cellular re-wiring; and subtle energy field upgrades.

Sessions are multi-dimensional and being offered remotely.

Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing benefits your health, relationships, money flows and a sense of well-being.

Personal Clearings
Extensive Clearing Session –  $250.00

Personal Clearings are paramount for you to awaken; raise your frequency keeping your energy field strong and free of infiltration.

It requires clearing the subtle energy field, energy centers and connection to Creation/Source. This includes interference, manipulative (mind control) programs, AI, distortion, ancestral overlays and entities. This allows your guidance system to be restored and reconnected to Source. In the current planetary cycle, we can not afford to let our energy fields be co-opted. Especially beneficial for healers, body workers, alternative health practitioners, soul focused coaches and therapists.

Locational Energy Clearing

Locational Clearing

Homes, land, rental properties and businesses are all spaces that collect energy and over time create toxic energetic patterns with the energy locked in. Whatever energy exists will attract that quality of energy to it from both the seen and unseen realities.

Residential property clearings includes the energy of the land prior to building upon; any events natural and man-made; energy of the construction – building materials, employees, remodeling; tenants; owners.

Business clearing includes addressing the dynamics of the owners, partners, branches and employees.