What Renee's Clients Are Saying

Restoration & Remembrance Sessions

“This was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. Renee created the space and facilitation to guide me inward to access, release and alchemize parts of myself that I didn’t know how to do alone. We went all the way back to the origin of my choice to split from Source and Renee guided me through my felt experience of reclaiming an ancient aspect of myself that is an integral connection to the wholeness of my physicality. After working with Renee, I feel more connected and in my body than I ever have and confident that I can trust myself to take the next steps in my remembrance of my ancient inner wisdom. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with her and I recommend the restoration and remembrance sessions to anyone who is ready to make a huge shift.”  
~ Melanie Pawlyzyzn, Transition Coach & Alchemist * 2024

“Renee was able to fine tune my frequency to my soul essence. For me it was a life changing experience. I was shown what it felt like to feel grounded, stable, secure and from there to grow and see parts of myself.   I used the soundscapes, Metatron’s Heart and Sophianic Symphony which continue to activate my knowing all the way to the stars and infinity. The sessions pushed me to a place I had never been before. It was deep, out of my comfort zone but that is what I loved. I had dared not go and that’s why it was so transformative. Thank you Renee, so much love.” 
~ Dr. Samantha Palmer, Osteopath * 2024

“Thanks to Renee LeBeau’s Restoration Series, I’ve experienced a substantial and sustained reduction in the contraction of my energy field. This has led to a significant increase in my daily energy levels, making me wake up in the morning with a heightened awareness and a desire to engage with my life. The impact on my productivity has been remarkable. Previously limited to actively engaging with life for 5 hours a day, I can now actively participate in work, play, and activities for 15 hours a day.  Additionally, the addictive behavior pattern of checking out into books has lifted.

Renee’s exceptional ability to have multisensory insights into precisely what needs to be transcended for my liberation has been a vital element of my Restoration.  Now, I am more embodied and present in my life, allowing me to complete projects and embrace a more playful approach to life.  I have laughed more every day! 
~ Jade Rehder, Energy Coach * 2024

Synergy Sessions

Renee has a very unique ability to aid in clearing anything that is blocking your ability to move forward. Especially the dark deep trauma that one has accumulated and swept under the rug not wanting to revisit. However dark this may seem one doesn’t actually have to be reviewed. These sessions are life changing and relieving, cleansing and clearing. Freeing. I am grateful to have had such a wonderful expert in dark trauma release that Renee is. It took a while to articulate but the energy was instantly lighter and brighter. My life has never been the same. If this is in front you, the fact your reading this, it’s your turn for this experience.  MaHālo

Becki Weeks, Acupuncturist * Dec 2020

This experience was a major pivot point for me to be able to release some very old trauma that was informing my nervous system and relationships my entire life.  Renee guided me into my own heart space to witness, explore and discover what has been hidden and unacknowledged by me. She also guided me into remembering aspects of myself that were ready to come back online in my life. Because of Renee’s acute awareness of what is happening in the field, I felt empowered to make decisions to move past barriers and release old wounding using my light language. After the session, I felt so free, light, and a catalyzing potential to step forward in my life as a new version of myself.

Jade Rehder

The work I have done with Renee has been effective on all levels- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Most importantly, the work is fast. She is like a lightning bolt cutting and clearing through all the junk that is no longer useful during this time and getting right to the heart of helping you connect to your original essence…who you really are. She accomplished in two hours what others have failed to accomplish in years. Over all, it’s given me the power of space- space to observe, space to choose and space to grow.

Nikki Costello, CEO – My Whole Body, 2019

To receive and experience an energy session from Renee LeBeau is absolutely remarkable.  She truly has many gifts and abilities that are like no other!  The way that Renee immediately connects and starts working with your soul, even before she meets you is very profound.  I am a healer and have experienced many types of energy work. Renee offers in her sessions a breakthrough process that is very unique for each individual.  She has helped me go very deep into many places within my being.  Renee has the ability to guide and help you to transform the many layers that are beyond your understanding.  This is what she did for me, which in turn helped me to know who I am on a deeper level and to align more to my path as a healer.

Open your heart to this incredible opportunity to awaken the many aspects of yourself on a very deep, grounded and galactic level by experiencing Renee’s work. She is an incredible healer, with a heart of Gold.

Jerilyn Puamana Guyang, Sept. 2017 

Renee has an uncanny intuitive ability to identify energetic disruptions within our earthly bodies and to correct the thoughts, emotions and judgements associated with them.  The potency of the corrections can be felt, sometimes, for days afterwards.  She is diligent in following up with her sessions, often providing emails of self-care directions afterwards.  I have been working with Renee for 5-years and am so thankful for the care, love and compassion she has shown me and look forward to continuing our work together.

Virginia H. Faustino, Sept 2017