Sonic Spiral

A creative collaboration and live sound event * Renee S LeBeau and Rick Bastine

Renee LeBeau,Vibrational Sound Artist, Sonic Spiral cd

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A sonically rich tapestry of sound designed to immerse your mind, body, heart with healing frequencies.

Renee S LeBeau
Vocals, Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowl, Hang, Tingshas, Rainstick, Thunder Tube
Rick Bastine
Vocals, Crystal Bowls, Alchemy Bowls, Didjeridoo, Rainstick, Ocean Harp
Live Performance Recording * April 2014 * Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living
Live Recording Engineer – Patrick Bates * Lightworks Media, Inc.
CD Mixing and Mastering – David Michael Tardy
Produced by Renee S LeBeau
Graphic Design – Jasmine Quinsler *
Photo Credits: Hubble Site Gallery

Total Time: 72 minutes

“Building on the rich, aural tapestry created by Metatron’s Heart, the intimate live recording Sonic Spiral takes the listener even further along a musical/spiritual path towards inner discovery and self reflection.

Again relying on the Tibetan bowl as the foundation, Sonic Spiral expands the listener’s musical palette with the addition of a variety of instruments (didgeridoo, ocean harp) that add deeper texture and color to the tonal fabric.  The key addition is the beautifully sonorous Hang or hand pan adding familiar melodic lines that often repeat in cyclic fashion – but are never afraid to venture out on to the musical edge.  Bold and dynamic tones from a combination of different bowls match the emotion of the performance, and throughout, an almost ship-like bell tone guides us through the sometime metaphoric “fog” of our lives towards deeper meaning.”
~ Mark Oblinger – Grammy Nominee, 5-Time Emmy winning composer/producer/performer