Metatron’s Heart

A dynamic sound journey, multi-dimensional attunement and self-guided accelerator of consciousness

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An ethereal, multi-dimensional soundscape composed with 7 tibetan bowls, 2 tingshas, a crystal bowl, tabla and vocals.
Metatron’s Heart is an intentional sonic rendering of the 5 platonic solids that create Metatron’s Cube.  This creation of sacred geometry in sound functions as an inner technology.  If listened to in consecutive order, each track builds upon the prior track to create both an alchemical journey and sonic portal. If listened to repeatedly, profound shifts happen to the listener.
Use with other healing modalities to enhance and amplify.

Tibetan Bowls, Tingshas, Crystal Bowl and Voice by Renee S LeBeau
Tabla by Akshara Weave
Composed by Renee S LeBeau and Akshara Weave
Produced, Engineered and Mastered by Akshara Weave
Copyright 2011 © Renee S LeBeau & Ahkana Acoustics

Graphic Design by Adam Pierce
Front Cover Image “Metatron’s Heart” by Tim Provost
Back Cover Astronomical Image “NGC6515” by R Jay Galbany

Total Time:  58:13

“From the powerful, opening crescendo of Metatron’s Heart ten song journey to the final, gentle strike of the singing bowl, the listener is invited to actively join the musical conversation in this introspective tonal dialogue. With the ringing Tibetan bowl as our guide, tones are layered, each one building on the other to create a dense yet sonically clear “safe zone” where one can begin to resonate within their own space.  The power of the bowls is balanced perfectly with the purity of the smallest chime in this technically exquisite recording. The addition of the chanting voice and playful yet sparse tabla provide a rhythmic context that follows the pulsing bowls through a series of loud and quiet tones – as if to model life’s diverse menu of challenges and encourage inner growth and self healing for each listener at their own pace. Truly a guide for ‘life’s’ meditation.”
~ Mark Oblinger – Grammy Nominee, 5-Time Emmy winning composer/producer/performer