Sophianic Symphony

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Sophianic Symphony is an ethereal elemental synthesis and invitation.
A spiral medicine journey that leads you deeper into your core.
The Ancient Voices, chants and whispers share a story of primal origins from the Primordial Field of  Creation.  
The sophianic codes kept hidden for eons and embedded in your DNA are awakened.   
This transmission activates your pure essence; an opportunity to discover yourself existing both in form and beyond. 

Disclaimer:  This transmission is encoded with high vibrational frequencies to assist you. 
Do not operate heavy machinery while listening.  Allow yourself to be in a relaxed and receptive state.  

Tibetan Bowls, Frosted Quartz Crystal Bowl, Lepidolite Crystal Bowl,
Tingshas, Pygmy Hang, Thunder Tube, Hawaiian Chime, Rainsticks,
Aboriginal Wind Talker & Clacking Sticks, Wind Chimes, Vocals

Composed, Performed & Produced by Renee S LeBeau © October 2019
The Tank Center for Sonic Arts *
Sound Engineers – Michael Van Wagoner and Samantha Lightshade
Cinder Sound Studios  *  * Sound Engineer – Ethan Fang 
Rabbit Hole Studios  *  *  Sound & Mastering Engineer – Gilly Gonzales
“Chaos Is My Truth” Cover Art & Transmission  by Laura Mc Connell
Graphic Design by Christy Grace 

Sophianic Symphony – Album Review

Track 1 - I find myself easily falling into a deeply calm, meditative state where the music is like a companion, guiding me safely along this sonic journey. The Tibetan bowls create a lush tonal wash that holds the listener securely as smaller bells and chimes invite us to explore our inner surroundings.

Track 2 - Melodic elements and gentle vocal chanting are added to provide an ethereal "song form," with changing sections and new sonic places to rest and meditate. Sometimes gentle, while other sections more stir the soul. Looking through the clouds to find the inner sun.

Track 3 - Melodic elements continue to grow and construct a beautiful sonic bed of tonal color. Pulsing with emotional peaks and valleys like life's rich flow. A variety of percussive elements increase the dynamic range and request more study from the listener. The piece becomes almost visual in nature.

Track 4 - Heavier breath elements and rising dynamics create an almost playful atmosphere where the listener is invited to "expel" issues that continue to wrestle the soul and find a new center of peace and tranquility.

Track 5 - Arrival to a new, fresh tonal landscape where the smallest sound/inflection is invited to be re-defined. The vocal chant delicately beacons one forward towards a calming bowl of forgiving/cleansing light that also requires clear choices moving forward for the listener.

Track 6 - The journey comes full circle, where familiar bowl tones set the sonic "table" and the listener can sit and meditate with what feels like old friends, but also feels free to explore new, unknown places from a safe vantage point. Explore. Rest. Resolution.

Mark Oblinger

Grammy Nominee, 5-Time Emmy winning composer/producer/performer