Sophianic Symphony

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Sophianic Symphony is an ethereal elemental synthesis and invitation.
A spiral medicine journey that leads you deeper into your core.
The Ancient Voices, chants and whispers share a story of primal origins and true Creation.  
The sophianic codes kept hidden for eons and embedded in your DNA are awakened.   
This transmission activates your pure essence; an opportunity to discover yourself existing both in and out of time. 

Disclaimer:  This transmission is encoded with high vibrational frequencies to assist you. 
Do not operate heavy machinery while listening.  Allow yourself to be in a relaxed and receptive state.  

Tibetan Bowls, Frosted Quartz Crystal Bowl, Lepidolite Crystal Bowl,
Tingshas, Pygmy Hang, Thunder Tube, Hawaiian Chime, Rainsticks,
Aboriginal Wind Talker & Clacking Sticks, Wind Chimes, Vocals

Composed, Performed & Produced by Renee S LeBeau © October 2019
The Tank Center for Sonic Arts *
Sound Engineers – Michael Van Wagoner and Samantha Lightshade
Cinder Sound Studios  *  * Sound Engineer – Ethan Fang 
Rabbit Hole Studios  *  *  Sound & Mastering Engineer – Gilly Gonzales
“Chaos Is My Truth” Cover Art & Transmission  by Laura Mc Connell
Graphic Design by Christy Grace