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Sophianic Symphony

“The symphony is a beautiful transport into deep, multidimensional space. It is a work of sonic mastery.  Thank you, Renee.”

~ Paul Temple

“You have a masterpiece!  The sound-production is incredible.  The pieces are enchanting. Your skills are impeccable. Of these things I speak consciously – the “sub”and “un” concsious effects are still to be acknowledged but knowing you- they are in action!  Fantastic soundscape. The world needs it.”

~ Gregg Hansen

Professional Musician, Teacher, Community Drum Creator

“Renee along with the beings who are with her, takes me on a most satisfying journey with their Sophianic Symphony.”

~ Russel Green

Musician, Sound Engineer

“I’ve been participating and listening to the musical progression of Renee’s work for many years now but all her previous albums scantly prepared me for the profound experience of her latest release, “Sophianic Symphony”.  As a musician and audio engineer, the first thing that struck me was the open, organic ambiance of the recording. I think it was recorded in an old water tank, aptly called “The Tank”. In any case the effect was extremely different from the kind of ‘in your face’ sound of a studio effort.
These tracks have oodles of space for her instruments and voice to freely resonate in! 

The tracks are thematic and lead one into the other, just like movements in a classical symphony or opera. The introduction of sounds from the natural world enhances the tones and notes, and the spaces between them. In short, one doesn’t simply listen so much as disappear within a sonic canvas…a cocoon of healing and hyper-awareness of the qualities of Sophia, the great Aeonic feminine power of Creation.

Thank you Renee, for opening yourself and manifesting Her essence in the form of the Universal Language. No, not mathematics, but music. "

~  Isaac George

Musician, Composer

“Sophianic Symphony came at a pivotal time in my life and its exquisite sounds are irrevocably etched into my being. A true masterpiece and a portal into gorgeous, transcendent experience I’m eternally grateful for.”

~ Albert K

“Sophianic Symphony has become my go to audio tracks when I feel out of balance and letting the external world have a negative influence on me. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting support navigating these challenging times.”

~ Steven Morris

LifeSMyth Productions

“Renee has done it again.  Created another amazing compilation of incredible healing music.  Metatron’s Heart was astoundingly shifting for me to allow my heart to open.  Her recent compilation of Sophianic Symphony took me deep within the body physically as a witness to see & feel the movement of the energies flowing within the cellular structures as they rearranged and responded to the frequencies.  Sensational!  Then this shifted into a sense of fully floating within while lovingly expanding deep from within out.  Soothing with an ease and grace of immense proportion flowing throughout the body and energetic fields.  Love. I remained beautifully grounded and this is often a challenge for me.  The experience expands each time I listen to it!  Enjoy!”

~ Deb Reid

“I don’t believe in happenstance. I believe in Synchronicity.  I found Renee’s work after watching an interview and became interested in wanting to know more about what she does (especially after listening to samples of Sophianic Symphony).  I always felt a deep resonance with sound/crystal quartz harmonics/sound healing and more.  It’s the sounds of the Heavens/Ethers for me.  Instruments that create beautiful balance and a clear remembrance through the vibration of sound.

For as long as I can remember I could hear the call through Sound/Frequency-likened to an invitation to…come home to the Heart/Soul whispered from the Angelic realm. My natural state and language of my Soul. As of late, I had been feeling a bit unearthed due to all the background noise playing out on our planet. All the unfolding events in our world.  There was a lot coming up for me that was asking to be held, loved and released.  Here is where Sound Medicine coupled with Meditation can be very Grounding for me. A beautiful Transmission traveling through my body/Portal where each cell responds and beyond to my Auric Field.

Listening to the entire cd of Sophianic Symphony birthed through Renee was definitely a deeper dive, Expansion and Transmission.  Ancient Voices, Chants, Purging, Instruments – “A Journey”.   Beautiful Medicine indeed.  Looking forward to listening to more of your work.  Thank you dear heart, Acoustic Alchemist, Renee S LeBeau.”

~ Deon Duplessis

Reviews of Metatron’s Heart

“Metatron’s Heart’s haunting, sensual, mysterious soundscape was of a kind I’d never encountered before.  My first foray into Renee’s captivating body of work, one which I continue to return to for guidance.” ~ Albert K

“Metatron’s Heart came to me in a magical series of events and has proven to be a very valuable tool in my healing journey.  It is a CD that has woven itself into my life.  I use it to clear rooms of negative energy and to aid me in my meditations.  I use it as a way to bring magic into my life when I need it.  It never ceases to amaze me how different it sounds each time I hear it.  The way it gently soothes me when I’m feeling anxious and lulls me into a sense of connection.  I want to go on and on about this CD because it really is that amazing.  Renee is a gift and I cherish the magic her music brings into my life.” ~ Jose Gaspar * Counselor

“This album isn’t more sonic wallpaper, it can move you to other worlds.  Take the journey….”
~Nadaraj Russel Green * Sound Engineer

“Metatron’s Heart is harmonically and energetically rich. This is a very well-recorded and produced CD’.
~ Steve Rush * Sound Engineer

“This CD, like a still body of water or mirror reflecting simple yet powerful waves of rhythmic energy, casts you out into a cosmic zone of meditative relaxation.  I enjoy listening before creating art work to calm and clear myself and I highly recommend Metatron’s Heart to others.”
~ Adam Pierce * Artist

“Metatron’s Heart CD by Renee S. LeBeau is an inspiration.  The ancient sounds, induce wisdom and compassion in an alchemical way, causing a trans-mutation in the cells of my body.  Another level of meditation arises.  Thank you Renee!”
~ Rebecca Robbins * CEO, Milestone Software Inc.

“Metatron’s Heart is the most powerful and transformative audio tool I have ever come into contact with; it is a living, breathing being all its own. Every time I have experienced it, I had a different reaction; a different perception of the music and sounds; and I felt beneficial change in a different and lasting way, the ramifications of which, I am still experiencing. This is far more than a CD, a meditation, a performance, etc. Metatron’s Heart will literally change your life.”
~ Justin Francoeur * Musician, Composer, Producer

“Metatron’s Heart” is a CD like no other CD I have experienced.  My body, mind and spirit attune to the sacred geometry, bowls and percussion in a unique way which is hard to describe in simple words.  Renee and her creation team have raised the bar on sacred sound and the healing, energizing and attuning properties that one can enjoy simply by inviting the sound to wash over you imbibing each cell.”
~ Shanti Medina * Coach/Teacher

“Every experience I have had with Metatron’s heart has been wonderfully unique. I have experienced that I will start listening to the CD with a tense body and cyclic thoughts. When the vibration of the singing bowls flow through me my undesirable thoughts vanish and my body relaxes. At times I have felt as though my spirit is dancing among the vibration. It is truly an alembic journey.”
~ Serina Hamilton

“Thanks for your wonderful music.  As a writer, I have never been able to write while listening to any form of music because it distracts me greatly.  The first time I listened to your CD, I was amazed at the creative thoughts that seemed to pour from me.  I now often write while listening to your CD.  Your music evokes strong images of a mothering, creative spirit for me which is the heart of my writing.  I know my writing has taken on new “life” and I credit your music for much of the renewal.  Thank you.”
~ Grace

“I remained ‘present’ while listening to Metatron’s Heart which is significant for me as I space-out/go to the void with much ease. The experience of the sound journey was soothing and invigorating.  Also, I was aware of angels and guides administering/assisting with my desires for balance and more exuberance.”
~ Cynthia

What a gift you have brought forth!  As I move further into my own limitless be-ing I have used this to access that pure, nurturing space that resides within.  You have essentially harnessed the building blocks of creativity and merged them into a sonic portal.  Thank you so much for the CD and the experience and BLISSings on your further creation with it.
~  Myrhh De Marmion * Vibrational Sound Artist

“My expanded experience with Metatron’s Heart while teaching my class was profound. I found that the students allowed themselves to relax in a completely different way, either through breathe, physical body awareness, mental body awareness, and spiritual awareness. The magical tones of Metatron’s Heart trickled into the space and expanded the collaborative vibration. I saw and felt the merging of the movement and vibration unfold the unknown within each student. I invite everyone and anyone to experience the beautiful unfolding of Metatron’s Heart.”
– Alexis Cintron * Ayuryoga Guide

“Metatron’s Heart actually vibrates in the liminal space between back-ground sacred sound and forefront triggers to awaken in the moment. I’ve found that some of my work is greatly enhanced when I align my heart to Metatron’s Heart. I also get how effective it is for enveloping a space in coherence, not between people but between all life and space itself. Thank you Renee for bringing this out for us.”
– Adam Gainsburg * counselor, author, teacher

“Renee LeBeau is a gifted visionary artist. Every time I listen to Metatron’s Heart, I am indeed taken on a sacred journey. I am filled with a ‘musical vibration’ that heals me on a very deep level.  Thank you Renee for your profound spirit.”
– Nancy Mills * The Spirited Woman