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I’ve never met anyone like Renee. Her orientation is through sound vibrations – in fact, she is sound and through her awareness she is able to consciously shift enormous energy fields. If you are ready to make a big life change, whether it exists in this physical plane or in your energetic vibrational reality, Renee is a true alchemist. She can help you navigate the unseen energies in your life that influence and are influenced by your intentions and awareness of them. Renee has the beautiful ability to speak to each individual from a deep understanding of where they are coming from and with that awareness, facilitate big transformations in their lives. Whether it is in a personal alchemical session or simply through a conversation with Renee, I can always feel the palpable energetic shifts that occur in my field through any interaction with her. I appreciate her ability to cut through my bullshit, to see my potential and to guide me into new possibilities.

Melanie Benninger, 2019
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