“Stepping into the Universe through Sound” 
by Renee S LeBeau © 2014-2024

Vibrational Sound Healing is a proven modality that shifts brain wave states, alters consciousness and create a deep sense of well being and improved health. In all sound healing traditions, there is the awareness that the mind, heart, body and spirit are an inter-connected system.  From this ancient wisdom, the sound instruments create a carrier wave designed to re-align your physical, emotional and spiritual energies.  The person generating the sound and the space it is generated in are also factors in the experience.

The scientific perception of sound, called psycho-acoustics is currently limited to a certain range of frequencies. For humans, hearing is normally limited to frequencies between about 20 and 20,000 Hertz (Hz).  However, the body is receiving and affected by all frequencies.  The human brain emits electrical impulses which correlate with various mental and emotional states.  During the waking state, the normal frequency of our brain waves is Beta which is measured at 12-30 Hz. Beta is associated with attention to the outer environment that is alert, engages the sympathetic nervous system and creates more stress related hormones. 

Using sound can entrain the brain to move into the deeper Alpha, Theta and Delta brain wave frequencies. Generally speaking, these are the frequencies that generally induce deep meditative states, inner peace, clarity of mind and a greater connection to one’s intuition.  Each brain wave state has a particular state of attributes.
* Alpha is measured at 8-12 Hz and is associated with a state of relaxed attention.  It can be used to increase the capacity to learn as well as increase athletic ability.
* Theta is measured at 4-8 Hz and is associated with deep internal awareness and the ability to access your own perception.  It tends to be the gateway for a transformational experience to occur. 
* Delta is measured at .5-4 Hz and is associated with deep relaxation and sleep.  In this state the mind simply becomes aware of itself with no awareness of the outer external world.

Acoustic alchemy creates harmonic tones to generate an inner state of balance. These multi-tonal instruments create harmonic vibrations and overtones which impact the nervous system directing your brain waves to synchronize with the sound.  They direct the body to slow down the heart rate, blood pressure, respiration and brain wave activity.  As this happens, the receiver can shift its relationship with pain and discomfort by moving into a non-judgmental space and reconnecting to its own inner knowing.  Initially, the somatic intelligence of the body is more easily accessed through altered states of consciousness until the person has shifted his/her awareness to include the inner planes.

Immersing yourself in pure sound is a guided journey into your inner landscape. Every experience is different and includes the creation of a sacred container in which you can dive deep.  Each time you enter this space is an opportunity for growth using vibration, frequency, tone and intention.  The benefits are fundamental shifts in clarity, joy, inner awareness and harmony.