Session Testimonials

What Renee’s Clients Are Saying
Client Testimonials

“Renee S LeBeau is an amazing transformational teacher, healer, undefinable being. I highly recommend working with her if you are ready to be all you are.”
Geralyn St. Joseph * Psychic, Teacher, Author, Counselor

“Renee has a very undeniable gift. I watched my friend go through blissful alterations after sessions on the phone. I did not have an easy time accepting this but I watched it. After my first session, I went through a day of deep quiet and experienced a shifting over the next few weeks that was intense. My body went through a turbulent detox and my asthma almost vanished.  Since then Ive done another session and am absolutely certain that Renee is an incredibly powerful healer/oracle. I not even sure what title would apply but the issues that were like shackles have been moved out of my energy field.  Its like evolution on fast  forward!
-Johnny * Santa Monica, CA

“I have been working with Renee for more than a decade because her talent and wisdom have helped me radically transform my relationship with myself and further my ability to authentically express myself in the world. With a myriad of tools, from sound healing to sacred geometry, she has helped guide me back to myself and to the power that affords me. There are no words to express my gratitude for the contribution Renee has made to me and my amazing life adventure.”
Erin Livers * Summer 2015

Renee Lebeau sound healing sessions“I have experienced the gift of Renee’s Synergy Sessions many times over the past few years.  They have deepened my inner flight in consciousness expanding further & lighter each time.  When my thoughts & feelings try to corral me at a plateau where I appear to go no further; Renee somehow becomes more available to openly redirect me into new infinite dimensional territories.  Further she demonstrates an exemplary evolving level of caring that is truly cosmic in scope.  To you courageous to venture from out of your perceived contextual realties to allow new possibilities; from my full heart’s space I recommend to you, the potent & transmutative alchemy of Renee S LeBeau!”
-Roberto Codato  * – Jan 2013

“Having sessions with Renee are what I would describe as very Renee Lebeau tibetan bowlspotent and powerful. My purpose in having sessions to release myself from those beliefs and energies which keep me from enjoying the fullness of what I know life should be and so that the real me can shine through. Renee’s talents and skills allow that happen for me. I have great appreciation for Renee in the ways she has been able to assist me and this is why I will continue to have sessions with her. A bit more of me shines through each time, life becomes a bit easier to maneuver and I just simply feel great after each session.”
Norm Morrison * Santa Fe, NM – Jan 2013

” I feel reborn! Cleared of many entanglements, I’m now off to a new beginning with expanded awareness and a clean slate. I’m so grateful. Thank you”
–MM * Santa Fe, NM ~ September 2011

“Renee gave me great insight into certain opportunities that were heading my way. Being aware of these possibilities placed me in a better position to act one them when they appeared. One thing she said was coming down the line, was way to good for me to believe. Something I had always wanted. So I didnt place much hope in it. But the opportunity did arise and I was ready. SOOOO glad I was ready!”
Spencer * Kaua’i, HI ~  July 2011

“Incredible transformative work. Some of my physical aches & pains cleared almost instantaneously, and my energy levels rose noticeably.”
Christopher David Ilo * Toltec Shaman * Oahu

“What an amazing experience. I was able to reach levels of awareness I have not accessed before, and had the best sleep I’ve in a long time. Two days later I am still feeling the effects of Renee’s gift with the Tibetan bowls.”
-Marla Kinders * Oahu

“My session with Renee was extremely positive and highly Renee LeBeau,Vibrational Sound Artist,Equinox Labyrinthrecommended. I had a situation I was afraid of and found challenging, and wanted her help to ‘change the program’ so to speak, to make it clear how to handle the situation and rewire myself so that similar situations in the future would be natural and straightforward. Renee was able to bring me into a trance space and share insights to help me understand the overall pattern, the source, and ‘get’ the upgraded perspective for seeing myself and the situation differently.”
-WT * Kaua’i

“My first session with Renee came about because I was feeling stuck in my life.  Things weren’t quite making sense, I was feeling like a broken record.  I was shocked by how instantly I connected with her on our first visit – I felt like she understood things about me that I couldn’t even verbalize.  Immediately comfortable, we proceeded to kick the lid off of the volcano and stir things up a bit.  Literally transformed, I felt like a higher functioning me.

Throughout the past year, I have had the distinct opportunity to work with Renee on multiple occasions, broaching multiple issues, patterns and beliefs.  She is a gifted, forthright, warrior of truth – if you have the courage and desire to truly change your life, to lift away the structures that are not working for you anymore and to embrace a cleaner, less encumbered you, you have come to the right place.  She is as gentle or as intense as need be – intuitive does not begin to describe how she is able to navigate sessions.  I am so thankful to her for the gifts she has helped me find within myself.”
RB, Boulder, CO

“The session I had with Renee was with the bowls and amazing tones and sounds that came through her voice and all my wondrous guides and guardians. It was absolutely dynamic. We worked multiple levels at the same time and dove deeply quickly. It was absolutely efficient, dynamic, multi-dimensional and honestly, the most fun I’ve ever had doing a session. I was able to participate in movement and toning that helped to speed things along.Being the multi-dimensional being that I am as well, Renee & I were able to traverse wondrous expanses in a short period of time, releasing vast incongruencies within my body and fields. It was really quite the orchestration on all levels. With all the guides & star beings that showed up it was truly quite the party. Truly I’ve never felt quite that way after a session, having let go of so many patterns and layers that no longer served and having opened to such lightness & amazing clarity of being. I HIGHLY recommend giving it a go! What do you have to lose but everything that no longer serves you. I am truly truly grateful.”
Anonymous, Boulder, CO

“Renee, the guidance you have given me over the past several years has empowered me to become so much more myself than I ever imagined possible. The work we have done has been profoundly transformative, enlightening, and very healing for me. I know of no other practitioner who is as committed to helping us humans heal ourselves, and I am deeply grateful for our relationship. I am also happy to see that the personal and powerful work you do translates well to groups, as I and my friends loved your sound healing performances.  With gratitude and much love,”
–EL – Boulder, CO

“Renee’s respectful and deep insight seems never to overstep as it penetrates. I believe that my personal bullshit-o-meter is finely tuned, but it never went off during our session. The clearing and encouragement I feel is immense even though I am worn out from the work. We worked hard, but I asked for it. Five stars!”
RF – Denver, CO

Renee LeBeau, Vibrational Sound Artist, playing a Pygmy Hang