For those of you who have never chosen to live on the road – read on with an open heart. If you crave stability, predictability or a sense of feeling in control; then life on the road is not for you. The energy is wildly chaotic, unpredictable and destabilizing in ways that even I can not put into words. You get to see the best of human behavior and you get to see it at its absolute worst. However, if you want to live inside the mystery that I call life – I highly recommend it. And this is not for the faint of heart.

Given the current state of the planet and the mindset of its inhabitants; choosing to engage and interact with other human beings can be quite challenging. So much is dissolving and changing moment to moment that I literally watch the status of places, events and sessions vanish in front of my eyes. Places to stay evaporate with little to no notice. And friends who said they would support you and your work, choose to disengage and not communicate that reality. Others will quite frankly, remind you that their lives are more important than yours.

I find it interesting that people assume that being on a tour is fun and easy. Or that this tour is a vacation for me and not a business venture. So far, I have not found it easy. However, there are incredible insights and aha moments. There are also amazing discoveries into who you are and who you are not.

The most important thing to pack is not found at Target, Walmart nor will even fit in your suitcase. I would call this Radical Trust, Surrender, Focus, Persistence, Patience (with yourself) and a constant Sense of Humor. It also requires an ability to weave in and out of the never ending rules that society finds comforting. Some days I accomplish this, some days I do not.