Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing benefits your health, relationships, creativity, money flows and a sense of well-being.

Extensive Clearing Session – $250.00
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Catalyze your awakening by keeping your energy field clean and aligned. The focus is clearing the immediate energy field, third eye, Higher Self, parallel realities and timelines. This includes interference, manipulative (mind control) programs, distortion, ancestral overlays and entities. Allows your guidance system to be restored and reconnected to Source. Especially effective for healers, body workers, alternative health practitioners, soul focused coaches and therapists.

Remote Clearing Program
Monthly Rate: $200

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A monthly program in which your energy field is cleared twice per week. Great way for existing clients to maintain a higher frequency level. A wonderful way for new clients to discover the benefits of keeping their energy fields free of distortion.

Locational Energy Clearing
Homes, land, rental properties and businesses are all spaces that collect energy and over time create locked in and toxic energetic patterns.

Whatever energy exists will attract that quality of energy to it from both the seen and unseen realities.

Residential property clearings includes the energy of the land prior to building upon; any events natural and man-made; energy of the construction – building materials, employees, remodeling; tenants; owners.

Business clearing includes addressing the dynamics of the owners, partners, branches and employees.
Locational Clearing

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