CDs – Sound Meditations

Sound Meditations with Mystic Measures

UnVeiling     *     Cosmic Awakening     *     Emergence

The_Unveiling_CD_Cover_smThe UnVeiling
Live Performance on October 31, 2012



Cosmic Awakening
Live Performance on December 28, 2012



Live Performance on March 22, 2013

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Musical Artists
Jim Kinney * Native Flutes
Jennifer Kinney * Synthesizers
Renee S LeBeau * Vocals, Tibetan Bowls, Hang, Tingshas, Grandmother Drum, Rainstick

Recorded at Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living
Live Sound Engineer * Patrick Bates, LightWorks Media, Inc.
CD Mixing & Mastering * Jim Kinney, Santa Fe Harmony Center Productions
Graphic Design * Jennifer Kinney on UnVeiling & Emergence
Graphic Design and Insert Photo on Cosmic Awakening * Roberto Codato



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