CD – Seeds of Bliss

By Renee LeBeau & Greg Godec
A 30 minute sound meditation with Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, tingshas, voice and chanting dedicated to the Divine Feminine. This recording was edited and remastered from a live sound event in May 2008 at the Double Rainbow Ranch in Boulder, CO.

Track 1: Invocation
Track 2: Devi Ma
Track 3: Saraswati/Parvati
Track 4: Tara
Track 5: Angelic Bells
Track 6: Seeds of Bliss

Sample Clip: Angelic Bells (click on link to listen)

Greg Godec: Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Vocals
Renee LeBeau: Tibetan Bowls, tingshas
Special Thanks to Myrhh de Marmion on Background Vocals and Bells

Produced by: Renee LeBeau and Greg Godec
Recording and Production Engineer: Brendan Connolly
Graphic design by Greg Godec
Copyright 2008

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CD – Journey into Expanded Self

By Renee LeBeau
A 60 minute meditation guided by the deep and penetrating voice of Renee LeBeau and the music of Paul Temple. A powerful transformational tool focused on the exploration of Self and the expansion of consciousness. This CD is the result of my own innate journey along with 6 years of guiding clients both in person and over the phone with my voice.

Sample Clip 1: Journey into Expanded Self

Sample Clip 2: Journey into Expanded Self

Text composed and presented by Renee LeBeau
Music composed and performed by Paul Temple
Special thanks to Kira Temple-Wood on Om vocals

Produced by Renee LeBeau
Vocal track recorded by Ariana Saraha
Sound Engineer – Recording and Mixing: Paul Temple
Sound Engineer – Mastering: Steve Rush
Graphic design by Ariana Saraha
Copyright 2006

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